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With some words there is no tolerance for even popular mispronunciation. Samuel Clemens took his nom de plume pen name from the practice of plumbing the depths of the Mississippi to avoid running the paddlewheel boats aground. Clean out the common dross from everyday speech and sound as though you know what you are talking about. In English there is no formal you pronoun as there is in other European languages tu and vous in French. English once had the singular form thou, thee, and thine and the plural ye and you. During the Middle Ages, the forms were used like tu and vous.

Gradually the polite plural, you, was more widely used and the distinction was devalued.

You was used to address everyone, regardless of status and number. Soon thou was less common, surviving only in prayers. Seraglio is derived partly from the Turkish saray palace. For answers, see Appendix A. Another is to make a good impression. Some make the effort for career enhancement. Others simply want to set a good example for their children. We are fortunate if our parents speak well. The spoken word is a valuable social tool.

Its prehistoric invention required some agreement on the meanings of sounds or combinations of sounds.

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Our ancestors had to agree on how to say consistently a certain sound or set of sounds. Then, presumably, they agreed on how they would arbitrarily apply their invented words to particular things or events.

We still make those tacit agreements. With writing we try to represent the sounds of words. But the evolution of writing and our ever-changing spoken language make it necessary to devise another system, one that will accurately represent the sounds we make when we speak. That sound system is phonetics.

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Syllable by syllable we break words into sound elements and represent them in order. Phonetic becomes fo-NET-ik. Language becomes LANGwij. Invention becomes in-VEN-tshun. These examples use a simple form of phonetics. There are others capable of far greater accuracy and subtlety, but in these pages we work with common English sound values with the stressed syllable in upper case.

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This chapter explores several systems used to represent the sounds of speech. Some attention is also given to copy preparation, syllabification, and accenting or emphasis. Phrasing and breathing are important too, because ideas are conveyed by combinations of words or sounds. Break a sentence in the wrong place and you change its meaning or even render it meaningless.

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We have to hear word groupings, phrases, and clauses in order to understand what is being said. We hear inflection variety as well. We hear ideas, pictures, and feelings. You Can Say That Again! So it matters a lot where you breathe. The t disappears from combinations like must go, sit down, next day, and so on. Many words have two levels of pronunciation, stressed and unstressed.

Stress can change a pronunciation or even influence the dropping of a sound. These distinctions convey meaning. Elisions and contractions are okay. To illustrate our willingness to alter our speech — including our grammar and even voice production — to suit the occasion, consider the politician who inserts a little of the vernacular, sometimes even mild expletives, in order to sound more down-to-earth and ingratiate himself with a particular segment of the electorate.

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Appropriateness is an important consideration. But there are risks in cutting your vocal cloth to suit the situation. The politician might be considered a phony if the performance is unconvincing. A white politician is a fool to try to speak Ebonic English. And then there are dialects. A dialect is not just a provincial deviation, but a combination of characteristics peculiar to a place or social group. Each of us has a unique dialect reflecting influences that began when we were in the cradle.

This is not to condone the lisp, the w for r, or the stuttering affectations of some Britons who wish to be mistaken for landed gentry. In North America there are local and regional variations and some of them are preferred. But no barrier to communication exists, except perhaps in the case of so-called Black English, which is understood only within its own narrow social confines.

Perhaps it can be compared with the French joual in Quebec. Many regional differences are disappearing, as a kind of universal English takes over with the help of television and film.

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More recently Canadians have been greatly exposed to American speech and usage. The Americanization of Canadian speech is like a flood. But, while Canadian English may have a lot in common with American and British speech, there are still some distinctions we can make. The similarities of American and Canadian English are not surprising because the British Isles are the common source.